Please wear a suitable face covering when attending the surgery.



Due to the evolving Coronavirus situation, we are taking proactive steps to minimise the exposure risks to all of our patients and staff. 

We will now be utilising telephone call back triage or invited to attend "Near Me" video consultations (see further below) with face to face appointment by clinician post triage invitation only with the exception of nurse and phlebotomy services.

All prescriptions will be issued directly to your chosen local Pharmacy. Results will continue to be obtained via the surgery results line.

Appointments telephone number is 0345 337 1150 - Option 2

Have you seen a pharmacist/optician/dentist/physiotherapist?

Your local pharmacist can assist with the following:

  • Sore throat/cough/earache/headache
  • UTI (16-65yrs females)
  • Musculoskeletal pains: joints/limbs/back
  • Constipation/diarrhoea/indigestion
  • Athletes foot (not diabetics)
  • Acne/warts/verrucae
  • Conjunctivitis (>2yrs old)
  • Cold sores/mouth ulcers
  • Chickenpox/worms/head lice
  • Hayfever/nasal congestion
  • Haemorrhoids
  • Thrush (16-60yrs)
  • Eczema & allergies
  • Pain/period pain
  • Threadworms
  • Smoking cessation advice
  • Blood pressure testing service
  • Weight management help

NHS Near Me Video Appointments


Attend my Appointment or Make a Test Call

If you are ready to attend your video appointment, or you want to make a test call before your appointment is due, click the start video call button below (please ensure that you are using Google Chrome on a Windows or Android device, or Safari on Apple devices). If you make a test call this tests your device connection, speaker and camera, it does not make a call.

start video

For technical requirements to run an NHS Near Me video call click here Technical Requirements

For Troubleshooting tips if you experience difficulties using NHS Near Me click here Troubleshooting tips

Enquiries / Test Results

Enquiry / Test Result telephone number is 0345 337 1150 - Option 3

Repeat Prescriptions

Repeat prescriptions telephone number is 0345 337 1150 - Option 4


Cancellation telephone number is 0345 337 1150 - Option 5

The below appointment system is temporarily suspended due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions. 

An appointment system operates for surgery consultations.  If you feel that your problem may take some time to deal with, make a longer appointment with your doctor.  If you have several problems that are unrelated, please do not present them all at once in a routine ten minute appointment, as it is unlikely that they can be sorted in this time.  ** LATECOMERS - patients arriving more than 10 minutes late for an appointment will require to re-book another appointment time.  Furthermore, in fairness to patients arriving on time, late-comers will not be guaranteed an appointment. ** 

If you need to see a doctor for a medically urgent problem, please telephone, give your details, and you will be telephoned as soon as possible by the duty doctor.

To ensure that you are treated by the appropriate medical support -

Minor Illness Nurse - can assist with the following:

  • New cough (>3 weeks)
  • Sore throat/ears
  • Sinusitis
  • UTI (female >65yrs of Trimethoprim allergy)
  • UTI (adult male)
  • Chest infection
  • Conjunctivitis(6mths-2yrs)

Excluding: children<6mths, pregnant women, patients with an active cancer or undergoing chemotherapy

Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) - can assist in general with the same ailments as your GP excluding: patients <6mths, pregnant women, mental health problems, breast problems, contraception, gynaecology issues, testicle/penis problems.

The Practice Nurse - can assist with the following:

  • Dressings
  • Blood pressure checks (not on medication)
  • Bloods/ECG/Immunisations
  • Chronic Disease Clinics

Monday Surgery

Because of the ever-increasing demand on appointments, especially after a weekend, we have tried to accommodate this by having an open surgery on a Monday.  Patients MUST contact us first, (please do not just turn up).  Those who feel they need to be seen that day, will try to be accomodated.  Patients will be advised when to come in but must accept they may have to wait.  Patients are seen in turn by the next available doctor.  Appointments are NOT bookable with a specific doctor on a MONDAY.  If you wish to see a specific, doctor you will have to make an appointment another day.

Extended Hours

Extended GP phone consultations and face-to-face appointments are available early morning and evenings from 07:50 - 08:30 & 17:30 – 18:30 and will require to be pre-booked.  There is no walk in facility. 

These appointments are intended for patients who work outwith Ellon and have difficulty attending during the day due to work commitments. The extended hours surgery is solely for GP consultations and patients should note that if they require blood tests or any other nursing services, then a further appointment would need to be made within normal surgery opening hours.

Patients should also be aware that the local chemists close at 18:00, therefore any prescription issued by the doctor will need to be taken to the chemist the next day to be dispensed.

Please note that due to commitments to clinics etc., not every doctor is available at every consulting time.

Telephone Access

If you have a medical problem which the doctor could deal with without actually seeing you then a telephone consultation may be available. Specific times for patients to speak to their own doctor about a test result or other matter have been set up.  This should make it easier for patients and doctors to communicate regarding non-urgent matters.  If you wish to speak to your doctor please telephone the appointments line and ask to be added to their phone surgery.  The doctor will call you back, usually after morning surgery. 

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